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Apart Development Company

Our Mission:

The aim of the company is to create a product that will be tailored to the user's needs and wishes. We would like to have your lucrative investment in the company acquired in the company.


Georgia Today about Old City panorama “Meet a company that is not afraid of the challenges of 2020.”

If you didn’t know before, now is the best time to meet a company that is not afraid of the challenges of 2020. "Apart Development" appeared on the market in 2019, easily established its place, and from 2020, the construction of a new project on Bukhaidze Street began.

International Architectural Online Publishing about OLD CITY PANORAMA

Tbilisi is a city where primarily concern in terms of urban development is the adaption of architecture with existing environment, considering the landscape and maintaining the scale of the buildings surrounding the project area, which in most cases requires distinctive and unique approach.

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